Thursday, October 30, 2014

week in the life / wednesday.

Every single morning I make coffee and listen to podcasts. Lately I'm hooked on Serial. (You can see other favourites here.) 

That print is from Curly Girl Design and says "With hearts... the best thing you can do is invite someone in, make them some tea, and secretly hope they don't break anything." It's one of the few prints I brought back from Canada with me this summer, to make our apartment feel more home-y. I've had it for a few years (I bought it on my first vacation to Vermont.)

week in the life / wednesday

It's hard to find hair products here in China, at least ones for "Western" hair. I stock up every summer.

week in the life / wednesday

Tony and I loved the hummus we made the night before!

week in the life / wednesday

Lately my students have been begging me to let them play on the soccer field instead of the playground. We run races, play Duck, Duck, Goose; Red Light, Green Light; Sharks and Whales, etc. 

I snapped this photo really quickly and I'm glad that I got the keys and my ID card. They seem insignificant, but I wear them every day. Well, every school day. 

week in the life / wednesday

I rarely nap on our lunch break, but I did this day. For about 20 minutes. 

week in the life / wednesday

Sometimes it's hilarious being in a cross-cultural relationship. Here Tony is saying, "prairie dogging" and trying to make sure he understands what it means. 

week in the life / wednesday

Any time I have an IT problem at school, I message Tony for help. Poor guy. (I usually try to fix it myself first, though.)

week in the life / wednesday

I snapped a photo of the clock because I rarely leave the school before 5. It was an exciting day!

week in the life / wednesday

Ahh, work, sweet, work. 

week in the life / wednesday

I'm proud of my Dad because he got an iPad Mini this summer and is slowly but surely figuring it out. The connection halfway around the world isn't always the greatest, but it's better than nothing. We Facetimed while Tony and I ate pizza; my dad had been awake for about an hour. 

week in the life / wednesday

The final photo of the day: we got a Wii! It was an early birthday present for me, but Tony was the most excited to set it up and start playing ;)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

week in the life / tuesday.

week in the life / tuesday

Almost every morning after getting out of bed, I head straight for the coffee maker. Pour out the grounds from the day before, fill the pot with water, dump it in, add coffee, turn it on. Caramelo is my favourite flavour from Second Cup and I'm sad because the bag I brought from Canada is almost gone :( 

week in the life / tuesday

A fake sad face because my coffee is cold. Fake because I'm used to my coffee being cold. I almost always bring home a half-full cup at lunch and Tony almost always asks why I didn't drink it all and I almost always look at him like, ummm... I TEACH 24 FOUR-YEAR-OLDS, THAT'S WHY! 

week in the life / tuesday

At least once a week, sometimes more, we use our slow cooker. On this day, we made Applesauce Chicken. Sounds weird, but it's delicious.

week in the life / tuesday

I just found out that there is a teeny "café" at school where I can buy lattes. (I've only worked here for over a year, no big deal.) Starbucks quality? Not quite. Does the job of an afternoon pick-me-up? Yup! AND you get 2 teeny chocolate cookies with your coffee. AND the ayi (Mandarin for "aunt") yells, "ka fei!" (Mandarin for "coffee") when she sees me.

week in the life / tuesday

My view walking home from work. I stayed until 5:40PM, finishing the Scholastic Book Order and proofing report cards. 

week in the life / tuesday

I sometimes like to wash my face as soon as I get home. You know, wash away the day. The last couple days I've been using Ocean Salt from Lush that Alanna gave me to try. 

week in the life / tuesday

Tony and I ordered bagels from Tavalin on Monday. They were supposed to come pre-cut because it can be a struggle to cut a bagel so it will fit into a toaster! But they didn't, so here I am cutting bagels. Life's hard. 

week in the life / tuesday

Any fiancĂ© who will squeeze lemon juice for you is a keeper. 

week in the life / tuesday

The highlight of Tuesday was making hummus for the first time. So grateful for the colleague who convinced me to make it instead of buy it. I had my doubts—especially when the garlic and tahini were all lumpy and not blending in the blender—but it turned out fantastic! And I had a little dance party thanks to Songza. Maybe life's not so hard after all.

(I'm participating in Ali Edward's Week in the Life. Follow along on Instagram. And here's Monday.)

(All photos are unedited, straight from my iPhone.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week in the life / monday.

I decided to participate in Ali Edward's Week In The Life project this year. It's my first time! You can follow along through the day on Instagram, but I plan on sharing details from each day here on the blog. We'll see if I keep it up. 

Here's Monday: 

week in the life: monday

I usually set my alarm for anywhere between 5:30 and 6AM because I don't like having to rush around in the morning. I like to lay in bed for a little while after I wake up, checking emails, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (I know, I know. Not healthy.)

Monday morning, I woke up off and on from 4:30 until 5:50AM with a bad headache. Luckily it went away after a couple hours. 

week in the life: monday

I usually dry my hair sitting on the bed. Lazy much? (It's just so cozy since we got a new mattress pad!) And it only takes about 5 minutes to dry my hair since I bought a new hair dryer!

week in the life: monday

I get to work every morning around 7:45AM and unpack my bag and "prepare" my desk: laptop plugged in & hooked up to the SMARTBoard, planner and lesson plan ready, coffee close by. 

week in the life: monday

We've been doing a Letter of the Week craft every Monday and the kids love it! This week was... you guessed it! A frog!

week in the life: monday

I started playing Halloween music for the kids while they're working this week. It's so cute to see them dancing while colouring, writing, etc. I love hearing them laugh and sing and I'm so impressed that they still work the entire time. 

week in the life: monday

When Tony and I don't have leftovers to eat for lunch, we'll sometimes go to Subway across the street. It's not quite the same as back home, but still good. No chicken bacon ranch, though :(

week in the life: monday

The kids laughed and laughed when we "made" jack o'lanterns on Starfall

week in the life: monday

My skin has been so bad this past week. I'm chalking it up to pollution and hormones. Ugh.

week in the life: monday

Tony and I decided to head to Sanlitun to meet friends for dinner (2-for-1 burgers and 2-for-1 drinks at Blue Frog!) and traffic was crazy. Our entire street was blocked by traffic. We walked about halfway before finally getting a cab. 

week in the life: monday

Cab fare starts at 13RMB. Pretty cheap!

week in the life: monday

I ordered a Blue Frog Kir (sparkling wine + black currant syrup), so good. Melissa, Tony, and I finished the night with massages at the Phoenix. I had a one hour oil tea tree oil massage. Bliss. I fell asleep twice. And I have a couple bruises on my back. Oops. But my shoulder didn't hurt today! (It's been killing me lately. Almost to the point of tears. Slash, I think I have actually cried a couple times.)

(All photos are unedited, straight from my iPhone.)

Friday, October 24, 2014


// Why Do Teachers Quit? "Anywhere between 40 and 50 percent of teachers will leave the classroom within their first five years (that includes the nine and a half percent that leave before the end of their first year.)" Wow.

// It's true in childhood and adulthood: life is too short for crappy friends.

// Since moving to China, I've often wondered this: Why The U.S. Chills Its Eggs And Most Of The World Doesn't.

// Going on vacation? How Tourists Cripple Local Economies.

// 15 Ways to Be a Good Human Today

// In honour of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix this month: Lauren Graham's Final Gilmore Girls Interview.

// I'm not in my late twenties yet, but YUP: 29 Differences Between Life In Your Early 20s Vs. Life In Your Late 20s.

// Ever traveled by airplane? Perhaps you'll find this and this as funny as I did.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


rediscovering my love for Joshua Radin.

lighting candles every night (and weekend afternoons).

lusting after more Lush products.

taking more baths than ever before.

cooking (and eating) as many slow cooker meals as possible.

hooked on Serial.

reading Happier at Home.

feeling a little down. (maybe it's the change in season/weather?)

thinking about what "self care" means to me.

rocking the top knot again (but only at home).

drinking a smoothie every weekday morning (+ 2 cups of coffee, with a splash of milk, no sugar).

drinking tea every night (this and this are my current favourites).

excited to dive into Blog Life.

trying to keep our plants alive.

starting to get excited about planning a (tiny) wedding.

wondering if 25 will feel any different than 24.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

life's a party, rock your body.

On a lighter note than yesterday... watching this made me happy.

"I know this guy who can eat a whole grape. They were like, 'BS.'"

I love Marcel so hard.

P.S. I guess this week is all about micro blog posts. Woohoo, report card time! Ya feel me, fellow teachers?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a song for today.

I've been listening to this on repeat, alternating between being close to tears and almost smiling. It's a day of in-betweens, I guess. A little bit of everything.

(Thank you, Cara. I love you. I miss you. More than words can convey.)
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